Karolina Ekman

Brave Enough to Feel


By: Karolina Ekman


About the book:

After a traumatic loss Karolina, an adventurous woman on the go, gets forced to stop short and revaluate the conditions on which she’s lived by so far.

Brave Enough to Feel is a true story about life, emotions and the quest to find oneself, love and happiness. The anecdotes of Karolina’s many adventures, sailing and extreme skiing around the world, entertainingly weave alongside with her search for fulfillment in life.


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Said about the book:

“This is an amazing story! Such a fascinating person!

There is an underlying element of vulnerability and dead

honesty that simply grabs you and touches your heart.”


“Such a powerful and compelling story! The pure and

bold truth along with a self-depreciative humor and strong

connection to nature all combines superbly to convey the

important message that the journey to find oneself, love

and inner peace is ultimately worth every sacrifice.”


"I finished reading your book, in fact once I began

reading I could not put it down. If that is your first

book, I am in awe. Your story touched my heart like

nothing I have ever read."


"It is a great book, one that everyone who skis should read"


"Hey Karolina... I just finished your book!!! It's amazing!!!

So good!"


"I can't thank you enough for writing and allowing us to

read such a personal story. Since I had both of my knees

replaced ( the right one twice thus ending my ski life) I

have not been able to read as much as I did prior to the

surgery. I think the pain medication, which they give freely,

short circuited something in my brain which made reading

not something I really wanted to do. After devoring your

wonderful book I seem to be back on track. I am happy to

be an unintended recipient of your healing as well!!!

Thank so much!!



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Karolina Ekman


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