Mindful Skiing

Karolina Ekman

Join us at a unique Mindful-ski adventure!


Stay tuned for the Mindful ski events of winter 2017,

January& March in Verbier, Switzerland,

April in Norway and Sweden.


Stay tuned for updates!


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Mean while you can read about last years success:


Mindfulness at Pure Freeride Camp in Abisko 13-17 April, 2016.

Together with Pure Productions we'll run both

workshops and speeches in Mindfulness during

Pure Freeride Camp in Abisko,

13-17 April, 2016. Book your camp already now!

An exotic ski touring adventure with mindfulness as

ss thorough theme. Four days of epic guiding by

IUAGM-mountain guides in the most beautiful terrain

and scenery in the world. All after your ability.

Ski pass to the lifts at Nuolja ski resort is included,

as well as comfy accommodation at Abisko tourist-

station, beautifully located by the Lapporten and

Torneträsk. Naturally also ecological and yummy food is included.

For booking and prices, check out Pure Freeride Camps.

For all other queries, contact me at: karro.ekman@gmail.com

See you there!


Ps. Stay tuned for more epic Mindful Ski adventures in the Alps.

Coming soon.


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Karolina Ekman



Leg. Sjukgymnast/Physiotherapist:

Karolina Ekman



Certifierad Mindfulness Instruktör: Karolina Ekman




HLR-instruktör, certifierad av Svenska HLR-rådet:

Karolina Ekman