Karolina Ekman

My book Brave Enough to Feel is now published!!


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Karolina Ekman

Karolina Ekman


This site is about well-being, both physical and mental.


Thanks to my great experience of Physiotherapy, Mindfulness, Mental training, Personal Training, injury preventative- and sports specific training, as well of as life and the hardships and wonders –large and small– that makes it up, I strongly feel that I can help you live, not only more completely, but also simpler, healthier and with that great sensation in the body of pure simple WELLBEING. Because you're worth it!



On this site you'll find an array of different services, as well as my creative nonfiction book:

Brave Enough to Feel.

Apart from being a well received writer, Karolina is also a Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Mindfulness instructor, by trade, not to mention a highly qualified skier and sailor.


Don't hesitate to contact me at karro.ekman@gmail.com if you have any sorts of questions or thoughts, etc.



Karolina Ekman


On-line course in Mindfulness?

Contact Karolina at karro.ekman@gmail.com

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Especially during the winter?


Try Light therapy!

Click here for more info on one of the markets smallest and coolest light therapy devices, that does work:

the Human Charger.



Karolina Ekman


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Leg. Sjukgymnast/Physiotherapist:

Karolina Ekman


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Certifierad Mindfulness Instruktör: Karolina Ekman


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