Mindful Surfing

Karolina Ekman

Join us on a Mindfulness Surf adventure!


Nothing could be more "here and now" than to peacefully sit in the beautiful ocean, glancing out towards the horizon awaiting the next wave to roll in with a joyous, nerve tingling and laughter provoking ride, than surfing? Like being one and the same with the entire wonder of life!



In the beginning of June, I will partake with Mindfulness at the annual "Mamas-surf camp" in Guéthary, France. Guéthary is a pitoresque and genuine surf village just south of Biarritz, in the spectacular region of Côte Basque, along the famous bay of Biscay.


Apart from every day wicked surf lessons (naturally accom-modating both beginners as well as more advanced surfers), and mindfulness, an array of other fun adventures and events are offered throughout the week as well as great, healthy food from the region. All to enjoy with like minded mindful people and with the base camp at the super charmy hotel in the center of town, overlooking one of France's most beautiful waves.

Check out the link below, and contact us to come along on an unforgettable week ;-)!






Contact Karolina at karro.ekman@gmail.com for more info regarding other mindful surf adventures ;-)!


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